Security Force Training Academy is operated by professionals with a combined 30 years of Law Enforcement and Security Training experience and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Want to find out more about our company?

The Instructors at Security Force are Board Approved State Licensed Instructors with expansive training, real life experience and firsthand knowledge of the Security Profession. A few certifications our Instructors hold are:

About Us

*TCOLE Instructors (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

*Expandable Baton, OC (pepper spray) and Handcuffing Instructors

*NRA Law Enforcement Certified Pistol and Shotgun Instructors

*NRA Civilian Pistol and Shotgun Instructors

*TASER Law Enforcement Certified Instructors

*Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) License to Carry Instructors

*Texas Dept. of Public Safety -- PSB Combined Classroom/ Firearms Instructors

*Texas Dept. of Public Safety – PSB Level 4 PPO (Body Guard) Instructors

*Texas Dept. of Public Safety – PSB Continued Education (CE) Instructors

*Prior/ Current Military and Law Enforcement working experience

*Defensive Tactics Instructors (Level 1 & 2)

*Fundamentals of Defensive Tactics Instructors

*Ground Defense Tactics Instructors

*Edged Weapons Defense Instructors

*Licensed Commissioned (Armed) Security Officers

*Licensed Private Investigators